Rebel Cars Pro Sim Game

Sport car decal stripes. Speed lines, racing tuning strips and car sticker vector set

Rebel Cars Pro Sim Game

Rebel Cars encompass a wide range of the automotive racing world. From acquiring and trading vehicles to developing assets (cars & tracks) by either playing and progressing in the game or purchasing them using our in-game $RC currency.

Official RC NFT cars marketplace with a community-driven market will be available.

We strive to create an environment that feels welcoming and fun for players with depth for the extreme car enthusiasts and satisfies car racer’s competitive nature.

The RC Game modes:

1) Collector’s Mode (NFT marketplace / Community based)

2) Career Mode (Single Player)

3) Online Racing & Co-op (Multiplayer)

4) Turismo Mode & Render Photography (single & community based)

5) Online Betting Feature: Visitors & Racers

Sport car decal stripes. Speed lines, racing tuning strips and car sticker vector set
Checkered Racing Finish Line
Checkered Racing Finish Line
Checkered Racing Finish Line
Checkered Racing Finish Line
Checkered Racing Finish Line
Checkered Racing Finish Line
Checkered Racing Finish Line
Checkered Racing Finish Line
Checkered Racing Finish Line
Checkered Racing Finish Line
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Collector’s Game:

The Collector's aspect of the game introduces a revolutionary approach to digital ownership, leveraging blockchain technology to offer players unprecedented control over their digital investments.

Players can showcase their collections in an online public showroom, engage in car sales, auctions, rentals, and even collaborate on unique car development projects.

RebelCars stands out even more by offering its players an unparalleled service: the “custom car creation order”. Exclusive digital car asset orders can be assigned and leveraging AI and design innovative features car enthusiasts and collectors alike to commission their dream racing vehicles as Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) to CGi car designer specialists inside RC.


Career Mode:

Players will start their career in a tutorial phase, akin to Gran Turismo's Racing School, where they learn the basics of car handling, racing techniques, and the unique features of, such as NFT asset management, marketplace and customization. In career mode, players will choose from a list of common car models and start their personal careers. Through Career Mode users will be able to get achievements and acquire rewards which include in-game currency, vehicles, customization parts & upgrades.

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Online mode:

Online mode is where players will get to test their driving skills against other players from all around the world in real-time. It is designed to be accessible for everyone, fun, yet challenging, offering a diverse range of competitions and opportunities for players to showcase their racing prowess, earn rewards, and gain recognition within the community.

A matchmaking system that pairs RC Racers based on skill level, ensuring fair and challenging races. This system allows for both casual races and more competitive events. Users will also have the ability to join or create racing clubs, where they can organize private races, share tips and strategies, and compete in club-exclusive tournaments.

  • Events and Tournaments:

Rebel Cars will host a variety of online racing events, from standard circuit races, drag races, rally, endurance, to hot-laps and special themed races. These events can vary in difficulty and may require specific types of cars and modifications, encouraging players to adapt and strategize. For those seeking the pinnacle of competition, RC organizes live tournaments with brackets that pit the best racers against each other. The winners of these tournaments can earn exclusive rewards, in-game currency, NFTs and more.

  • Spectator Mode:

A spectator mode allows players to watch live races, learn from top racers, socialize while enjoying high-stakes competitions as they unfold, making the online racing experience more immersive and engaging.

  • Dynamic Weather System:

Online races in RC will feature dynamic weather and track conditions, affecting race strategies and vehicle performance. This adds an extra layer of realism and unpredictability to the races.

  • Leaderboard System:

Global and regional leaderboards, where players can see how they stack up against the community. High rankings on these leaderboards can lead to game and special rewards.

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Co-op Mode:

The co-op mode in Rebel Cars will significantly enhance the game’s social and strategic dimensions providing players with a collaborative experience within the high-speed, competitive world of racing. Players can form teams with friends or other racers online to compete in team-based races against others. Each team's performance would be based on the combined results of its members, encouraging teamwork and strategic planning.

  • Cooperative tuning and customization:

Team members will be allowed to collaboratively work on car tuning and customization, sharing parts and designs to create the optimal race cars for their team strategy. A deeper level of engagement and personalization. Players of the same team will also be able to choose which car they will use for the race from their combined collections.

  • Rewards and Progression:

Team progression benefits with in-game currency, experience points, and unique customization options will be available.

  • Co-op Leaderboards and Tournaments/Events:

Similar to the single-player online mode the co-op mode will also have a dedicated leaderboard system, Tournaments and Events with rewards and recognition for the top teams which could attract sponsors.

  • Communication:

In-game voice and text chat is vital for coordination and strategy discussions among team members before and during the race.

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Touring Mode:

Blending the thrill of car racing with the exploration and appreciation of diverse virtual landscapes.

Players drive and experience various destinations, collecting rewards, completing assignments and gaining XP points while socializing and even participating in specific famous road trip events and shows.

Cinematic hi-res photo capture feature where players pick their favourite sceneries to render their cars and share with friends or the community.

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Online Gambling Bet
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Online Race Betting:

Rebel Cars is aimed to bring a lifelike online car racing gaming experience.

Users, spectators and outside investors are welcome to participate.

These specific online races can be “open-view”, “private” or “VIP members only”. ​With specific restrictions and regulations, participants could bet and stack on ​other drivers also.

The decentralized nature of the game ensures transparent governance through ​decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs), where players actively ​participate in shaping the game's development and rules.

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